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Easy Come Easy Golf Features

  • Golf Nines
  • Game modes
  • 2 Shot types
  • Characters
  • courses

Golf Nines?

Use a different character
per hole throughout
the 9-hole round!

Improve your
characters and form
your dream theam!

*Game modes for playing all holes with a single character are available too.

Various Game modes!

Play with friends,
or kick back and
golf on your own!

Online multiplayer
offers more
exciting gameplay.

*For Online, Local wireless and Single System, you can match up to 4 players. *Nintendo Switch Online membership(sold separately) and Nintendo Account required for online features.

Easy but Profound Shots!

2 Shot types selectable

  • "Triple Tap"Traditional 3-click swing
    utilizingyour timing
    and precision!
  • "Stick Shot"Use the analog stick for
    precise control and an
    exhilarating feeling!
*Stick shot and Flick shot are available Control Shots. *This video was cptured with Controller Shots. The UI differs when playing with Touch Control Shots.

Unique Characters!

30+ characters with
various skills and

You can change character
costumes and clors.
On top of that,
you can adjust their
head and body sizes!

  • Taiyo Hoshino

    A lively boy,great for novices.

    Great at shots in the rough,but not the best at control.

    A reliable character…if you swing carefully.

  • Rosie Weaver

    A calm girl,great for novices.

    A backspin pro, who can stop the ball quickly after it lands.

    Use the hole info for when to best use her.

  • Nathan Neill

    A bespectacled boy, great for novices.

    Rain won't hinder his play or vision. Despite his appearance, his power is above-average.

    Good for making your first shot fly, even in the rain.

  • Priscilla Sue

    A free-spirited girl, great for novices.

    She loves playing in sand, so she's right at home in bunkers.

    Also finds the lip of the cup well. Perfect for tricky greens.

  • Fred Lopes Jr.

    A dancer, great for novices.

    With his knack for backspins and his 7I handy, he's got the beat for balanced play.

    Try him when you're not sure who to use.

  • Mina Fizikov

    An enigmatic golfer, great for novices.

    Her knack for 1W shots and rough plays can help recovery after spectacular flubs.

    Her balanced controls are great for learning the ropes.

  • Noel Crawford

    A highbrow lady, great for novices.

    With backspin being her forte, she excels in landing balls with minimal roll.

    Her good control makes it easy to pull of precision landings.

  • Kazuo Sato

    An office worker, great for novices.

    A regular golfer with his campany, he's good at shots from the rough, and can give the ball a real thwack.

  • Don PaPas

    A cheery character, great for novices.

    Capable of powerful shots and delicate PW ones, he can also catch the lip of the cup, and won't let rain keep him down.

    For putting or shooting, he's your man.

  • Bella Donna

    An older lady, great for novices.

    She can recover easily from bunkers, and her control means she can make approach shots with ease.


  • Nancy Muller

    A headstrong lady, great for novices.

    With good control and backspins, she can stop the ball near where it lands on approach shots.

  • Colin Becker

    A grandpa, great for novices.

    The only thing mean about this old timer is his backspin.

    He's got a lot of power, too.

    On the right course, he's a must-have.

  • MC Daryl

    A street-smart young man, great for intermediates.

    Can hit shots with little deviation, recovering and conquering courses with his favorite 4l.

  • Olive Nelson

    A gutsy girl, great for intermediates.

    Takes to rain like a duck to water, and can use a 5l like no other.

    Perfect if you're worried about rainy days or shot deviation.

  • Madam D.

    A refined lady, great for intermediates.

    She excels with her 6l, and her nice balance and bunker skills prove useful in many a pickle.

  • Albert Pucci

    A hunky guy, great for intermediates.

    He is a technical golfer whose deadly backspin silences downhill holes.

    His balanced skills make him easy to use.

  • Mai Kozuki

    A wild girl, great for intermediates.

    Mentally tough, she can deal with the rough no problem.

    A balanced golfer, she's perfect for when you're not sure who to pick.

  • Black Shadow

    A Japanese boy, great for intermediates.

    With his high power and 1W finesse, he can make some exciting shots.

    Skilled in bunkers, he can help if you hate the sand.

  • Tony Hunt

    A company CEO, great for intermediates.

    With superb recovery potential from the rough and a ton of power, he is well suited to fierce play.

  • Stella Lane

    A tough girl with a gentle side, great for intermediates.

    Blessed with precision and backspin, she has a reputation for making beautiful shots.

  • Barbara Moss

    A fiery woman, great for intermediates.

    No matter how beastly the bunker, she can overcome it.

    A well-rounded character, she's perfect if you're having trouble.

  • Dan Bro

    A power guy, great for intermediates.

    His forceful shots turn bunkers into sandboxes.

    His lack of control, however, makes him a bit risky.

  • Kevin Magnum

    A nihilist, great for intermediates.

    His carefully crafted control yields great accuracy.

    He never hesitates on the golf battlefield, not even on the rainiest of days.

  • Julia Langley

    A sweet summer child, great for intermediates.

    She's all smiles in the rough, making her ideal for those who struggle with impact.

    Putting's easy with her, as she can dance around the cup with her favorite 5W.

  • Selena Curtis

    A skilled receptionist, great for experts.

    Approaches are no sweat when she wields her favorite SW.

    Her expertise even extends to bunkers, making her a prime choice when hazards lurk near the green.

  • Quinn Schwartz

    A level-headed guy, great for experts.

    His composure give him perfect balance and makes him second to none with his AW.

    He fumbles in rain, so check the weather before using him.

  • Victor Goland

    A real golf enthusiast, great for experts.

    His years of experience and 4l make for accurate shots.

    He struggles in roughs, so navigate with caution.

  • Rihanna Mendes

    A rough, tough gal, great for experts.

    Unsurprisingly powerful, she can whack the ball a mile, or guide it gently with her PW, but her poor backspin requires care.

  • Leonard Axe

    A stoic guy, great for experts.

    He's your guy for approaches with his trusty AW.

    He hits pinpoint accurate shots, but loses his cool in bunkers.

  • Mateo Banderas

    A tough boss, great for experts.

    His flight distance is next level, but roughs ruffle his feathers.

    Master him and his 7l, and you're golden.

Various courses all over the world.

Various courses
all over the world.

Different strategy is
required for each course
with different features.


  • Easy Come Easy Golf

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