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Meta Quest

( Meta Quest 2 / Meta Quest 3 / Meta Quest Pro )

The ultimate golf entertainment
you can enjoy
with the latest VR devices!

  • Clap Hands, which has been releasing golf games for over 25 years,
    including the "Everybody's GOLF"(PlayStation®) series
    and "Easy Come Easy Golf"(Nintendo Switch™/Apple Arcade),
    has released golf games for over 25 years.
    The ultimate golf entertainment all included in a VR device!

    We will deliver a comfortable shot,
    realistic behavior,
    exhilaration that anyone can enjoy,
    and a mature game system to players all over the world.

    The moment you put on the headset,
    a magnificent course unfolds in front of you.
    Please enjoy "ULTIMATE SWING GOLF",
    which was created with the aim of being the world's best golf game,
    to your heart's content!


    A shot system that pursues
    the feeling of real golf and the exhilaration of the game.

    Actually swing and play!

    In "ULTIMATE SWING GOLF" the controller is likened to a club, and you play by actually swinging. Head speed determines power, and swing trajectory and face orientation control the ball's curve and launch direction.

    Based on modern golf theory, the game reflects the quirks of actual golf shots, and through time-consuming and exquisite tuning, everyone can now enjoy it.

    A real world unfolding before your eyes!

    The realistic feel of play from a subjective perspective, and the world unfolding before your eyes is like a real golf course.

    Read the hole shape and wind with a simple and intuitive UI (user interface) and aim for a nice shot while listening to the caddy's advice!


    Your avatar grows as you play,
    and the caddies you share the round with.

    Your avatar grows as you play!

    When players make good shots or putts, they gain experience points, and their avatar's basic performance increases accordingly.

    For example, driver distance will be increased and it will be easier to hit the edge of the cup when making putts, which will give you an advantage in hole strategy and allow you to take on even bolder plays.

    The edited avatar's performance improves as well as the player's actual playing skills. You can pursue the play style that best suits you by combining various clubs that will be unlocked.

    Coordinate the caddy to your liking!

    In addition, each caddy that plays rounds with the player will have more voice patterns depending on the number of rounds, and costumes and their colors will increase as conditions are cleared. Improve your playing with your favorite caddy.

    Choose from 4 male and female caddies, and have fun coordinating them to your liking with costume variations and colors!


    Abundant game modes to improve while having fun

    Improve your skills with mission-style challenges

    The main mode of this work, "Challenge", is a mission clear format. The game starts with a tutorial, goes through compact missions, and gradually progresses to higher difficulty levels, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable play that matches your skill level.

    By clearing certain conditions, you can unlock new characters and costumes, and obtain clubs with unique abilities, further increasing the variety of play options.

    Enjoy with a variety of game modes!

    In addition, you can enjoy a variety of game modes such as Free Play where you aim to update your score using the normal stroke format, Training where you practice thoroughly by yourself, and Online Battle where you play rounds with friends or players from around the world.

    Turn your home into a playfield with MR play!

    Furthermore, with MR Play, you can enjoy putt golf and driving contests in your room, turning your home into a playing field! You can experience fresh surprises unique to Meta Quest.


    VR online battle for up to 4 people

    Enjoy online battles with players from all over the world!

    ULTIMATE SWING GOLF is the first VR golf game produced by Clap Hands to feature online elements. You can enjoy rounds with players from all over the world in "Online Battles" where up to 4 people can participate. Communication that transcends language barriers is possible through voice chat, fixed text chat, and emotes expressed through avatar movements such as clapping and cheering.

    The lively competition with various unique avatars and caddies allows you to enjoy an experience that is as close as possible to playing golf with friends.

    You can also play in a dedicated room!

    You can create a special room that only friends can enter and play with like-minded people, or enjoy chance encounters with players from all over the world. Please fully feel the connection between the new world through the common language of golf!


    PLATFORMS Meta Quest 2 / Meta Quest 3 / Meta Quest Pro
    GENRE VR golf game
    RELEASE DATE May 16, 2024
    PRICE $29.99
    Number of players 1 person (online: 1-4 people)
    RATING IARC3+ (3 years old and older)